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Locally Flowered is your go-to plant store for on-line Florida native plants. Member of Florida Association of Native Nurseries, Florida Native Plant Society and Seed

My inventory will constantly change with seasonal growing conditions and plant availability as I both grow and source plants.

I use only earth-friendly practices which means buying from Locally Flowered is the right thing to do. I sell only 1 or 3 gallon plants which are much larger plants than the 4" plants sold by other on-line growers. Bigger plants ensure better long-term viability, plant health and you can enjoy their full splendor sooner!

I do take special requests. If a plant is not listed, contact me so I can grow it or source if for you.

Choose your packaging option for 1- gallon plants. Zero Waste- in compostable and biodegradable burlap/paper. Standard plastic nursery pot. (recommended if you will not be able to plant immediately.)

Local delivery available in Pasco, Polk, Hernando and Hillsborough counties. Pick-up available from local farmers markets.

Plant Facts Florida native Plant Society

Plant 1 gallon- Shoe size 8

I will be shipping full 1 gallon plant with a complete rootball and soil. Your plants will arrive ready to plant and thrive. No extra soil needed! They will be thirsty from the journey so water immediately! Plants will be wrapped in a compostable bag to retain moisture and I will use either burlap, paper or a "cow" pot to protect the roots. All shipping materials can be recycled or composted. Your plant(s) will be a nursery standard 1 gallon versus the 4" plants from other on-line plant vendors. I am also starting to ship 3 gallon bushes but until I can find a eco-container that can protect the root ball I will have to use a standard plastic nursery pot to ensure it arrives undamaged. Please recycle it!

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