Get outside and enjoy planet Earth!

Get outside and enjoy planet Earth!

Happy Earth Day!

I hope you have a place that you can go to relax and take in all the beauty our Earth has to offer. 

Yesterday, I hiked along a river in Florida and witnessed native wildflowers and plants in their natural environment. I also saw a gators, turtles, snakes, birds, and butterflies! It is so restorative to experience these quiet places where nature is untouched and just allowed to be. 

I always like finding natives in their natural environment and seeing the growing conditions where they thrive. I saw coreopsis, wild petunia, goldenrod, pickerelweed and blue-eyed grass, all in bloom, and looking happy and healthy in their favorite places. 

I encourage you to get out and enjoy planet Earth, whether it's hiking, biking, kayaking, or just sitting in your garden. And....I know if you planted natives you are bound to see bees and butterflies enjoying the "little"world you created for them.

Thank you for caring to create it!


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