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Locally Flowered

Golden Canna

Golden Canna

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  • Perennial, aquatic plant with yellow flowers. 
  • Should be emersed- rooted in water-saturated soils or submersed soils near the water’s edge.
  • Grow as stands of flowers in moist areas. 
  • 3-6 ft tall by 4 ft wide
  • Suitable to grow in: 10A, 10B, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B
  • Winter dormant (north), evergreen (south).
  • Blooms spring-summer. 
  • Propagation by division ofrhizomes or seeds. 
  • Best planted in full sun, part shade.
  • Attracts hummingbirds. Pollination for bees. 
  • Canna flaccida
  • 1 gallon

Care Instructions

Be kind to your plant!

Unpack and water immediately.

Place your plant in a protected outside location for some fresh air and sun.

Don't procrastinate and plant it as soon as possible in a location that will help it thrive. See FNPS website for specific plant information.

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