About Locally Flowered


I want to introduce myself. I'm that crazy plant lady you might see at the local farmers market, or that crazy friend always talking about plants, or that crazy hippie chick posting photos of her butterflies and bees...that's me. I'm Locally Flowered.

Like you, I'm concerned with our environment and how plant choices can either help or hurt the bugs, bees and butterflies.  I'm trying to rewild the world one yard, patio or container at a time.  When we grow plants that belong in our environment, they in turn will support the native bugs, bees, butterflies and birds. I view it as turning our small piece of the world back to the way it should be. 

So...I'm that lady growing and sourcing native plants from local growers like myself and then making them available to you. The only difference between me and other plant sellers is, I'm going to send you a big ,healthy 1 or 3 gallon plant. A plant that you can enjoy now. Plus larger plants have better viability of thriving when transported and planted. 

I'm also trying to send it to you with no plastic! Yep, that's right we have too much of that plastic circulating around. So, I'm going Zero-waste. Your plant will come to you in a compostable bag that is secured within paper or burlap. Both will protect the root ball and sure it stays healthy during transit. Everything I send to you can be reused, composted or recycled. Please do follow through to complete the Zero-waste process. 

I am learning as I venture into this rewilding passion and hope you do too. My background is business and teaching, so I too seek plant advice from the experts. Always use resources to help in choosing plants and do your research before buying a plant that will not work for you. Remember right plant, right place. I recommend using the Florida Native Plant Society as a source of great information. In addition there is a great blog out there by Hawthorn Hill Native Wildflowers and Rare Plant Nursery. So check them both out!  Plus there are other native plant nurseries that I heartily recommend in the Tampa Bay Area:  Green Isles Gardens, The Nectary, Little Red Wagon and Wilcox Nurseries. 

We are all in this together as we try and change our world back to its healthier and wilder state. 

Thanks for checking out Locally Flowered. Buy a plant or two take a picture of the bees and butterflies that will come your way and send it back to me to share with other Rewilders. (Did I make up that word?) I want to know that we are making a difference. All is good!

Come back and visit again, you're always welcome.